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  • Tindahan

    Bawat taon
    Kamalig Discount Club
    Valid sa loob ng 5 taon
    • Save 10 to 30% discount
    • Earn when you sell your own products at KYF Marketplace
    • Save on discount services from other Kamalig Members
    • Included in Livelihood Program Subscription
  • Samahan

    Bawat taon
    Sharing Entreprenuership
    Valid sa loob ng 5 taon
    • Earn cumulative Awards as you create your own Samahan
    • Earn incentives as members of your Samahan buys products
    • Earn to become an Advocate Trainer
    • Invest in your own Kamalig Center
    • Opportunity to have your Products included in the Yaman Pack
  • Kalakal

    Bawat taon
    Suppliers Club
    Valid sa loob ng 10 taon
    • Get technical assistance in developing your own products
    • Earn as your products are sold on the KYF Marketplace
    • Earn when your product is included in the Yaman Bundles
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